About Us

Here at The Southern Dog our mission is simple, we aim to create and provide high-quality dog wear that both you and your pet love! We keep detail and quality in mind when creating our products which is why all of our fabric is thoughtfully handpicked and sewn to our high standards by our own company.

From the Founder

Hi, I'm Ethan, the owner of The Southern Dog. In March of 2020 I had a dream of starting my own dog collar business, so I acquired the help of my grandmother to start my first business, Waggly Tails Dog Collars. At the start, the only sewing machine we had was my great grandmother's 1940s Singer sewing machine. So we decided to make do with what we had, and we dusted off the old sewing machine, and my grandmother began teaching me how to sew. After much practice and having to rip out stitches countless times, I finally caught on and ultimately took over the sewing portion of our business. Fast forward to today, our name has now changed, and we now offer many more products, but what remains the same is the quality of our products and my great grandmother's 1940s Singer sewing machine that we still use to this day. We take pride in all of the products that bear our name, and we hope that you and your pup love and enjoy our products as much as we do!

Where to Find Us

You can find all of our products online or you can find our latest collections at Vintage 72, located in Madison, AL.

We also offer pickup through Vintage 72 for online orders.